dreams aren't perfect.....they come true, not free (lauraj203) wrote in etown_stills,
dreams aren't perfect.....they come true, not free

Ack! It's just for a couple of weeks. I am much in need of a mass computer break, I need to get away from this little screen for a while! I will be back though, and I hope that you'll all still be interested in the community after these past few weeks. I know I've been very skitzy lately with timelines and whatnot. I may consider taking on a co-mod, or perhaps setting bi-weekly challenges instead of one every week. For example I could post the one challenge, but have 2 separate parts to it - a general screencaps challenge and then a theme, but then you'd have 2 weeks instead of 1 to make icons for both. Any suggestions or thoughts on this idea are both welcomed and appreciated =)

Laura x
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