dreams aren't perfect.....they come true, not free (lauraj203) wrote in etown_stills,
dreams aren't perfect.....they come true, not free

Challenge 20 - User Info Banner

I thought for the 20th challenge we'd do something a bit different, a bit like the header challenge for number 10. This week's challenge is to make a new banner to go in the user info of the community here.

The gallery I usually link to isn down at the moment so I'm kinda stuck for a handy link to include! I'll try and find another good place and add the link in later on. Orlando/Kirsten sites would be general starting points for images =)

- You may use any Etown related image you like (providing everyone is in character!)
- Banners must be 403 pixels wide. The height can be anything up to 300 pixels.
- Your banners must say "etown stills" on them somewhere
- You may enter up to 3 banners
- Don't post your banners anywhere else before voting is over
- Deadline for entries is Friday 2nd May 12pm GMT
Tags: challenge 20
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