February 9th, 2008

Etown: D/C phone

Challenge 10 - community header

Thought we'd do something a bit different seeing as it's the 10th challenge. The comm has new userinfo so I thought it's about time we change the layout and of course, the header. That's where you come in. The first place entry will be used as the new header.

You may use any Elizabethtown related image/cap you like, as long as people are in character. i.e. photoshoots of Kirsten & Orlando together won't be accepted, however photoshoots in character (like the movie poster's outtakes) are fine.
As always, I recommend Ka-Bloom's Etown gallery but find pictures elsewhere, by all means =)

The width of your header MUST be 750pixels and the height anything up to 350pixels
"etown stills" must be on your header somewhere, any other text is optional
you may submit up to 3 headers
entries must be newly made - don't post them anywhere else until voting is over
no animation
text, brushes, textures, blending and all other effects are fine
submit your entries in a reply to this post with both the image and the URL
deadline is Friday 15th February midnight GMT
This fortnight's featured affiliates are
kirsten_lims and legolasicontest