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Just a quickie...

Just a reminder that the comm is up for adoption if anybody would like to carry it on? Had no interest as of yet =( I'll find a contest adoption comm or something and put it up there if no members want to take over running it...
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Back in business....

Well...we're sort of back in business. I can't believe it was 3 months ago that I put this on hiatus. How time flies! I realise that it's been the longest 2 weeks like...ever. I've come to the conclusion that I won't have the time to manage this contest with my new job and frankly, my lack of interest towards the internet lately! So I'm putting it up for adoption to you lovely people, I just hope that there's someone out there who wants to carry it on. If you're interested in taking over just reply to this post (i'll screen the comments) Just leave like y'know basic info name, age and any other contests you run. And anything else you'd want to add. I'd be pretty happy letting any of the members here take over to be honest cause you all rock ;-)

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Ack! It's just for a couple of weeks. I am much in need of a mass computer break, I need to get away from this little screen for a while! I will be back though, and I hope that you'll all still be interested in the community after these past few weeks. I know I've been very skitzy lately with timelines and whatnot. I may consider taking on a co-mod, or perhaps setting bi-weekly challenges instead of one every week. For example I could post the one challenge, but have 2 separate parts to it - a general screencaps challenge and then a theme, but then you'd have 2 weeks instead of 1 to make icons for both. Any suggestions or thoughts on this idea are both welcomed and appreciated =)

Laura x
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Challenge 20 Winners

Congrats to this week's winners! I'll have the first place entry up in the user info ASAP. I'll make your banners this week, will post them later along with those for challenge 18. I'll be updating the banner maker schedule as well as I think it's still in March or something silly like that =S

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Challenge 19 Winners/20 extension

*major headdesk* Totally forgot to post the winners for challenge 19! They're under the cut - congratulations to everyone =D _elissabeth_ will be your banner maker this week (let me know if there's any problems)

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As for Challenge 20, we have some absolutely *stunning* entries so far for the user info banner! Only a handful of participants though so I want to give anybody who hasn't had chance yet to enter something if they so wish. The deadline for entries is now Friday 2nd May 12pm GMT.
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Challenge 20 - User Info Banner

I thought for the 20th challenge we'd do something a bit different, a bit like the header challenge for number 10. This week's challenge is to make a new banner to go in the user info of the community here.

The gallery I usually link to isn down at the moment so I'm kinda stuck for a handy link to include! I'll try and find another good place and add the link in later on. Orlando/Kirsten sites would be general starting points for images =)

- You may use any Etown related image you like (providing everyone is in character!)
- Banners must be 403 pixels wide. The height can be anything up to 300 pixels.
- Your banners must say "etown stills" on them somewhere
- You may enter up to 3 banners
- Don't post your banners anywhere else before voting is over
- Deadline for entries is Friday 2nd May 12pm GMT